Friday, August 14, 2009


Some people love dogs, some are cat people. Others love fish or birds. Another group likes the more exotic pets. We are a little bit of all. We have had rats, hedgehogs, lizards, a parrot, hamsters, dogs, cats and fish, but not all at the same time. Currently, we have a little Schnorkie, that's a mix between a miniature schnauzer and a yorkie. She is cute, only about 5 pounds. This is the first indoor dog I have allowed H to have. H also has a saltwater aquarium. He used to have both a salt and freshwater aquarium, but the saltwater takes too much time. He really enjoys his pets. We have an outdoor cat that adopted our family and as of last night, we have two parakeets. These newest additions are officially my pets. That means that I am responsible for the care and cleaning of these little birds.

So, why all the pets? What is it about having pets that is so appealing. I like them for many reasons. I like having something to play with and something interesting to watch. Animals teach us about other living things, what they need to survive and how they interact with others. Some teach us even more. When a former dog had puppies, all the kids sat around her and watched this event. They learned how animals (and even babies) are born. Yes, some of it was disgusting, but when we study it further in school, they will remember this experience and understand the birth process better. We get to enjoy the unique behaviors of our pets and just enjoy their company.

I don't know what kinds of pets I will have in the future. I have a friend with a tarantula, I don't think I'll get one of those. In her eyes, it's better than a snake. I think I would prefer a snake to a giant hairy spider. In fact, at some point, I will probably have a snake, the kids want one. H currently thinks he needs some button quail, an adorable little round quail. He hasn't figured out what he'd do with them yet, but I'm sure once he knows, we'll be getting some of them too. At times, I think I live in a zoo, but I have come to realize that that's okay. We get to enjoy God's creations from the comfort of our own home. So whatever pets you have, have fun with them.

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